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Paralympian Danielle Peers wonders how to break down the barriers that keep athletes from getting involved in parasport

Making parasport more accessible to everyone is essential: former ParalympianThe 2022 Paralympic Winter Games will briefly shine the spotlight on Canada’s elite athletes in China over the next 10 days. But it takes a lot more at the community level to get athletes involved in parasport before they can even dream of competing at an elite level, according to former Paralympian Danielle Peers. While changes are needed in…

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Reinvesting in local co-ops could help attract people to rural communities and keep them there

Why an old idea could breathe new life into rural economiesShould we look to the past to help energize the future of the province’s rural economy? A hundred years ago, local co-ops were a fairly common way of doing business in rural areas. Today, the Alberta Center for Sustainable Rural Communities is exploring ways to make this ancient model work in a modern economy. “It’s a…

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Canadian-Iranians must hold Trudeau accountable for his promises, including bringing justice to families PS752

Trudeau's Double Standard on Iranian ImmigrantsCanada’s treatment of Iranian immigrants demonstrates the Trudeau government’s double standard toward Iran. On the one hand, Ottawa allows officials of the Islamic Republic to live openly in cities like Toronto. On the other hand, it deports innocent Iranian residents to Iran, where they risk imprisonment or even execution. Tehran Police Chief Morteza Talaei…

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For one research participant, the study taught her to take care of her own health

Helping women with type 1 diabetes live longer, healthier lives“You’re stronger than you think,” said diabetes researcher Jane Yardley, as she set up the 306-pound (138 kg) weight on the calf-raising machine in the physical activity lab and Diabetes from the University of Alberta. Surprising myself about how much weight I can lift is just one of the personal lessons I learned as a participant…

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Enough with political excuses and inaction

Alberta's Record Gas Prices Signal Need for Carbon Tax ReliefIf you’ve had to drive your kids to hockey, get groceries, or get to work, you probably cursed every time you saw the price at the pump. Gasoline prices have now peaked at over $1.50 per litre. This is the highest level since Statistics Canada started tracking this data in 1990. Higher gas…

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To drive, A look at British Columbia, Politics, Point of view, Your money

Living in British Columbia is unaffordable for many people and carbon taxes are making it worse

Vancouver gas hits $2 a liter and taxes are a big factorVancouver motorists are paying record prices at the gas pump and taxes are an added kick in the head. Prices reached over $2 per liter for regular gasoline in Metro Vancouver. This is the highest gasoline price in North America, as well as the highest gasoline taxes. Before laughing at the lunar units blocking pipelines getting their…

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A post-pandemic world clamoring for raw energy means Russian oil is here to stay

Why the world won't sanction Russian oilWhen US President Joe Biden took to the podium in the early hours of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he spoke of a sanctions blitz aimed at isolating and crippling the Russian economy, and ultimately jamming the machine. Russian war. Noticeably absent from the long list of deterrents – which even included personalized financial measures…

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Business, Environment, Science, Technology, Today

Funding boosts project to help accelerate advances in carbon capture and storage to market

Effectiveness, public perceptions of carbon storage technology studiedCarbon capture and storage facilities can sequester large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and prevent them from entering the atmosphere – but efficient and cost-effective monitoring technology is needed to ensure that the CO2 released into the ground actually stays there. “The challenge here is that we want the CO2 to stay underground for…

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A win for taxpayers, but it’s just not enough

Ontario Reduces License Plate Sticker FeesLicense plate stickers in Ontario are destined for the ash heap of history, thanks to the Ford government’s commitment to repeal those pesky annual fees. Families are faced with runaway inflation and a skyrocketing cost of living. Premier Doug Ford’s announcement will save a typical two-car family $240 a year. That’s a good first step, and now the…

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Education, Environment, Science

New graduate certificate program in climate change and health will prepare students to find solutions

Public health researcher, lead author of the Global Climate Change ReportAgricultural policymakers, wastewater treatment engineers, emergency advisors and allergists all have something in common, even if they may not realize it. Whether it’s planning for foods that aren’t as nutritious as they used to be, preventing new waterborne illnesses from entering the water supply, treating traumatized residents returning after a emergency evacuation or assisting patients with…


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