BMW M8 GTE Wins Another Sim-Racing Event, On Mid-Ohio Virtual Track


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The Sim race seems to be going pretty well for BMW and its drivers, with Bavarian cars showing impressive results in every race they take part in. The latest is from the IMSA iRacing Pro series and showcases the BMW M8 GTE on the Mid-Ohio track. . With a BMW Works driver behind the wheel of a simulator, the BMW M8 GTE crossed the finish line first, beating other M8 GTE models in the process.

Robby Foley of Turner Motorsport was second while BMW Team RLL driver Connor De Phillippi was third, completing a 1-2-3 lockout. At present, the BMW M8 GTE is undefeated in the IMSA iRacing Pro series, winning three of the three races held so far. And that’s not all, the 1-2-3 lockout was completed with another BMW M8 GTE in fourth, with Philipp Eng at the wheel, who managed an impressive comeback after starting from 46th position.

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“It was an incredibly close race. All of us favorites had a very similar pace. It was the first time that I was able to keep up with Bruno’s speed. We then took a bit more risk with the amount of fuel when refueling which got us past Bruno, but it forced me to save fuel on the end and delay Robby. Luckily I was able to do it and get my first win of the season, ”said Nick Catsburg after the race.

Coming victorious from the first two races, Bruno Spengler (CAN) took pole position at Mid-Ohio on his BMW M8 GTE before leading the race until his pit stop time. Catsburg then took first place, defending his position against Spengler and Foley. Spengler crossed the finish line in sixth place.


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