Dirt 5 rally racing game unveiled for Xbox Series X


Who doesn’t want to race on ice with old Mustangs?


Microsoft on Thursday revealed the first details of a number of games launching on the upcoming Xbox x series console, marking the first time we’ve seen gameplay footage for the next-gen system. Most important (here at Roadshow, at least) is Dirt 5, the latest in Codemasters’ long line of rally racing.

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Microsoft presents Xbox X Series X gameplay for Dirt …


We only saw a minute or so of gameplay, but it gave us a good taste of the kind of racing we can expect from Dirt 5. In the first scene, sports cars featuring a Aston Martin Vantage, a Porsche 911 GT3 and a first-generation Ford Mustang slide down an icy track in a city. There’s also a scene of Ariel Nomads and off-road buggies racing across a muddy, jump-filled course, with split-second video footage showing the same track over several different seasons.

There will also be more traditional rally cars, like the new Citroën C3 WRC and classics like the Ford Escort Cosworth and Lancia Stratos. The trailer shows varying weather conditions like thunderstorms and snow, and the physics of elements like mud and dirt are amazing. The game is overall stunning, with beautiful lighting effects and detailed car models. There will also be realistic damage modeling, but no word on the extent of the damage that will actually affect your car’s handling.

Dirt 5 will have 10 different locations with over 70 unique routes. There will be a fully fleshed out career mode with voices from Troy Baker and Nolan North, of fame Uncharted and The Last Of Us. The game will support local split screen for up to four players, including career mode. offline. Codemasters says it also has a detailed photo mode and Dirt’s “deepest livery editor of all time”. In terms of technical stuff, Dirt 5 will run at 120 fps on Xbox Series X and supports 4K resolution and HDR.


The weather in Dirt 5 is incredible.


What we don’t see here is some sort of traditional point-to-point rally racing. The latest Dirt games have been more geared towards the arcade side of things, focusing on rallycross and the like, with the Dirt Rally games taking over from simulation. We might see a Dirt Rally 3.0 game in the near future, but it’s likely that Dirt 5 will have at least some sort of regular rally mode.

Codemasters says Dirt 5 will release in October for the current Xbox One system and that it will be a launch title for the Xbox x series, which is slated to go on sale in late 2020. The game will also be available on PlayStation 5, which is also slated for release in late 2020, as well as on PS4 and PC.

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