Driver who lost his license in Bathurst “thought it was a race track”


Photo: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command – NSW Police Force Facebook

A person whose license was suspended for driving at nearly double the speed limit on Mount Panorama told police she “thought it was a racetrack.”

The motorist was detected traveling at 119 km / h, 59 km / h over the 60 km / h road limit, during the North West Highway Patrol’s mobile speed app on Sunday, June 20 at 3:36 p.m.

After being stopped by the police, the driver told them, “I thought it was a race track.

The Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit is, of course, a racing track, but is only treated as such when the roads are closed for that specific purpose.

The alleged confusion cost the driver his license for a six-month suspension period, and his license plates were seized for three months.

For the violation of speeding more than 45 km / h over the speed limit, they were also fined $ 2,520 and six demerit points.

Police reminded motorists that Bathurst’s Panorama Mountain is a public thoroughfare where people reside, businesses operate and pedestrians walk.

Last year, a boardwalk that runs from Griffins Bend to the Forrest’s Elbow exit was opened to the public, with one stated reason being to provide a safe route for pedestrians.

Nonetheless, ordinary motorists are limited to a speed of 60 km / h throughout the circuit, well below the maximum racing speed of around 300 km / h at the bottom of Conrod Straight.


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