EPCAL approved two-day drag racing event


Riverhead City Council unanimously approved a resolution for a special event request for a two-day drag racing event in June at Enterprise Park in Calverton.

The Scrambul Runway Challenge will be held June 19-20 with rainy dates June 26-27, depending on the resolution.

The resolution for the site plan request, which was submitted in February, was initially tabled for the city council meeting on Tuesday. But the city council first voted in favor of its cancellation and proceeded to approve it.

The approval for the use of the track includes a fee of $ 10,000 which will be paid to the city no later than June 1, according to the resolution.

“Riverhead really loves racing and I think this two day event gives us the opportunity to try that out,” said City Councilor Catherine Kent. “It’s something we’ve been talking about for many years. So I am in favor of it.

She added that she would like an engineer to check the condition of the runways before the event. The two EPCAL tracks would be used for races of different lengths: 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile. Spectators would only be seated on the track for the 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile races. A jumbotron would be installed and would show live the other track where the half-mile races take place.

The special event request could still be refused if the insurance certificate is not received 30 days before the event.

Andre Baxter of Hempstead spoke about the event during Thursday’s working session. The Scrambul Runway Challenge is a different proposition from that discussed by city council a few weeks earlier for a series of 14 special events over seven weeks.


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