Former Tom Girardi Partner Explains Why Erika Jayne Wasn’t Like Other Lawyers’ Wives


Tom and Erika Girardi are in great difficulty. After being sued by several victims who allege he stole their settlement money, it looks like Tom is going to have to go down the path that leaves him unable to run a business while Erika could be left on her own.

Just weeks after filing for divorce, it was made public that Girardi’s law firm took millions of dollars of the victims he represented in lawsuits seeking settlement.

As if stealing wasn’t enough, what made the idea even more despicable was the kind of clientele he represented. This means he was stealing from relatives of people who died in devastating circumstances, orphans and people who could be disabled for the rest of their lives due to a tragic accident.

Erika Jayne has built an entire brand around wealth. She even bragged about having a glamorous team that costs $40,000 a month. In case it wasn’t obvious — she couldn’t afford her lifestyle on Bravo checks alone.

A former associate and client has come forward to talk about the couple accused of scamming on the pretext of divorcing.

Kimberly Archie began working with Tom after representing her in her son’s wrongful death case.

She spoke on Heather McDonald’s podcast where she revealed she thought Girardi was a good guy but he’s actually “a shark”.

She went on to explain why Erika wasn’t exactly welcomed into Girardi’s world by the wives of other attorneys.

“I think one of the things that maybe didn’t go so well in the world that she was trying to navigate was that she created a character based on money. When your money – even if it wasn’t stolen – came from people like my son’s wrongful death case, or a burn victim, or a family member of someone who died of a cancer, or was injured in a train wreck, or died in a bus rollover that shouldn’t have happened, you probably could have had a little more etiquette and class about letting people perceive how much you have appreciated the wealth resulting from these terrible tragedies.

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