Here’s why WRC 10 might be the best rally racing game of recent years


The long term CMR The game series started out slowly, but over time she grew into one of the best rally racers. CMR 8 saw a huge leap in performance from developer Kylotonn Games, with significantly improved handling, a revamped career mode, and improved graphics. Last years CMR 9 has continued this progress, and now the tenth installment in the series is released on September 2, 2021.

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It’s fair to say that the latest game is shaping up to be the best yet, and possibly some of the best rally games of recent years. CMRmain competitor of, the DiRT Rally series, has not released a new title since 2019 and so there is a real chance for CMR 10 to sweep out there and claim the title of best rally game right now. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest changes coming to this year’s installment and see what’s on offer for players.

The full calendar of 2021 rallies

WRC 10 Ford Fiesta

Via Steam

As an officially licensed game of the World Rally Championship, it’s no surprise that every round of the 2021 season is available to play in. CMR 10. This year has seen a particularly exciting lineup of events, from old favorites to brand new venues.

2021 WRC Rally Calendar


These towers are all playable through the newly enhanced Career mode, which makes changes to the crew management system and skill trees. Career mode in the CMR The series has long been considered one of the best of all racing games, so it will be exciting to see what awesome milestones Kylotonn has in store for players this year.

Four new rallies

WRC 10 Toyota Yaris

Via Kylotonn Games

The 2021 rally season features four brand new rallies that have never been seen before, and CMR 10 has them all. Players will be able to take on the fast gravel stages of Rally Estonia, which featured in the playable demo of the game that has been released a few months ago.

WRC10 Hyundai i20

Via YouTube / Paragleiber

There’s also the flat tarmac of Belgium, the bumpy roads of Croatia and the hard gravel of the Spanish Rally of Catalonia. This creates a more varied set of surfaces than ever before, meaning players will need to focus on strategies like choosing tires as much as they need to focus on speed.

A review of the history of the WRC

WRC10 Alpine A110

Via Kylotonn Games

Another novelty of the latest game is Story Mode, which celebrates 50 years of the World Rally Championship. Players will have the chance to experience classic rallies from years past and compete in a variety of iconic cars from each era of the championship.

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WRC 10 Mitsubishi Evo Lancer

Via the Microsoft Store

These cars were divided into five main eras: Early Years, Group B, Group A, WRC and Modern WRC. There will be a series of challenges to complete depending on each era, which should appeal to successful hunters and enthusiasts alike.

52 official teams available

WRC 10 teams

Via Traxion

As well as having more rally choices than ever before, players will also have more choices as to who they would like to compete with. CMR 10 showcases the 52 teams competing in the 2021 World Rally Championship season, from entry-level junior WRC teams to top-tier WRC factory outfits.

WRC 10 Banner

Via Kylotonn Games

WRC2 and WRC3 teams are also included, so players will be able to improve their abilities by starting as a rookie and progressing through each level of the championship. Whether they’re a Ford fanatic or a Toyota aficionado, players can rest assured that their favorite team will be waiting for them to sign them.

New livery editor

WRC 10 livery editor

Via YouTube / Nacon Interactif

Don’t feel like running for an existing team? Its good, CMR 10 has that covered too. New for this year, there is now a livery editor included in the game so players can design and build their own squad to take control of the championship.

WRC 10 livery editor

Via YouTube / Nacon Interactif

Players can choose their own color schemes, create custom designs using the selection of vinyl stickers, and even add their own custom branding to their cars. The editor will be available on all contemporary cars, so fans can build their rally team early in their careers.

PS5 and Xbox Series X / S enhancements

WRC 10 Ford Fiesta

Via Kylotonn Games

CMR 10 is the first installment in the series to be released natively on the next generation of consoles, and that’s why Kylotonn has stepped up his game in the graphics department. Judging from the demo, the new game will look better than ever, and there would also be a new vegetation system for more realistic foliage around the scenes.

WRC10 Hyundai i20

Via Kylotonn Games

Other small details around each environment have also been improved thanks to the processing power of the new consoles, although most of the time gamers won’t notice. After all, it’s a little tricky to look at the graphic details of each stage as you fly over it at 70 mph! Still, it will make a better picture for those very important action plans.

Improved handling and physique

WRC10 Hyundai i20

Via Kylotonn Games

One of the main talking points of last year’s game was the quality of its handling model, as it managed to be realistic but still accessible for those who play with a controller. It’s a very difficult balance to strike that many racing games have failed over the years.

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WRC10 Alpine A110

Via Kylotonn Games

Kylotonn assured fans that CMR 10 will have even more improvements over the old business model, but really minor tweaks are all that is needed. The demo seems to show a very similar handling and physics pattern to the previous game, but in this case, that’s a good thing.

A wider selection of cars than ever

WRC 10 Subaru Impreza

Via the Microsoft Store

A car-free rally game is like a gun-less shooter, so it’s good to see that the developers have included more models than ever before in CMR 10. In addition to the current manufacturers competing in this year’s championship, there are also classic WRC fan favorites such as Lancia, Citroën and Subaru.

WRC 10 Citroën Xsara

Via Kylotonn Games

Most of these cars also come with a whole new set of sounds, which is great news as this was an area where the previous game was lacking. Overall, these new changes make it a brilliant sounding game that will no doubt appeal to longtime fans and newcomers to the series.

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