New details on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit racing in sight – battery life, modes and more


The AR-based Mario Kart Live released in a few weeks, and Nintendo dumped a bunch of new information for the game in a trailer as well as a developer interview.

First of all, about the game itself, there are 8 different cups to play, out of 24 races. The Mario Kart items in the game will affect the real RC toy with mushrooms giving a boost to the speed in the game but also in real life. The red seashells, you guessed it, cause the toy to stop. There are also Bananas and Bullet Bills – it’s Mario Kart you just have to do it yourself.

There are no built-in designs for the courses, you will need to lay out the trail in your home and create your own. You need to use all four doors and need about 3m x 3.5m to get the full effect. The set works best on hardwood floors, but will work on most carpets as well. The game also offers 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 200cc. By playing on 150cc, you will have about 90 minutes of autonomy, the kart can then be recharged via USB.

Local multiplayer supports up to 4 players, but all players need their own Switch toy and Mario Kart Live.

The other modes included are;

– Custom Race: This mode gives players even more room for creativity, by designing not only the physical layout of the course, but also the ability to add hazards, items and more to bring truly unique creations to life .

– Time Trial: Players create a course and then run to set the fastest time possible – either against their own personal best or by handing the controller over to another player for an exciting time trial that doesn’t require only one Nintendo Switch system and one Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game.

– Mirror mode: for those who fancy an extra challenge, this mode allows you to play all the Grand Prix cups in mirror, the right turns becoming left and the familiar becoming unknown.

Nintendo also released a post from developer Velan Studios with all of this new information.

Some of the information in this article was obtained from the GameXplain preview;


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