New GMC Hummer EV enters rally racing


GMC and the Extreme E team at Chip Ganassi Racing have teamed up to, uh, make their all-terrain electric vehicle look like Hummer’s all-terrain electric vehicle, even if it isn’t actually Hummer’s all-terrain vehicle. ‘a Hummer. The Spark-designed Odyssey-21 will take the Millennium-Falcon’s silver bodywork and rear light strip from the Hummer EV above its specific chassis, helping it stand out amid the sea of ​​electric racers.

Extreme E teams are required to use the same battery provided by Williams Advanced Technology, a Spark powertrain and common chassis, but can add their own bodywork if they wish. CGR went for that, with a custom grille, graphics and bodywork giving the Odyssey a podracer look, uh, kind of like a Hummer EV?

These are obviously different cars, but there’s no denying that the CGR will be distinctive in the Extreme E realm. Jim Campbell, GMC vice president of performance and motorsport, said: “I can’t think of a better one. fit than to present the look of GMC’s Hummer EV in Extreme E with Chip Ganassi Racing. The GMC Hummer EV and the Extreme E Series are both designed to be groundbreaking, to challenge perceptions of electric vehicles and to showcase their true capabilities. “

CGR riders in the series are Kyle LeDuc and Sara Price, both experienced off-road riders and the only all-American lineup in the field. Chip Ganassi himself says it’s a perfect partnership:

“It is truly an honor to represent GMC, especially during such an exciting time in racing. The new GMC HUMMER EV will be a game-changer in how the world views the capabilities of electric off-road vehicles, and we couldn’t be more proud to represent GMC in such an innovative new series.

Ok, that looks like a flying saucer. But then the Odyssey and the Hummer EV always have, so … yeah?

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