New SWTOR Swoop Racing event now available on PTS


The SWTOR Swoop Rally is this week’s new edition of the game’s public test server. This update also brings a new welcome window with highlights when you log into the game. The Swoop Rally is the name of the new event recurring, scheduled for release with SWTOR patch 6.1.2 in June. Read below to find out more details on how to try the event on PTS and what to expect when it officially releases!

BioWare brings the SWTOR public test server back in the highlights as this week’s patch introduced the only new event to date rumored and teased.

The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally will be a recurring event, available on three planets (Dantooine, Onderon and Tatooine).

This event is expected to appear for (most likely, not yet confirmed) two weeks with the release of SWTOR update 6.1.2, which is currently targeting a June release.

These events typically last two weeks the first time they are introduced, so I would expect the same to be true with the SWTOR Swoop Racing event.

Right now on PTS, you can try out what appears to be an unfinished version of the cinematic scenes and dialogue. The voiceover is still missing, except for where we hear alien speech (Star Wars type), which is usually computer generated.

The video below shows you how to grab the boot mission. Note – this mission terminal will only be available on the fleet when the event is active in SWTOR.

The gameplay part seems to be largely intact. The running tracks are (almost) fully functional and all the interactive tasks and objectives are all present and seem to work. But more on that later!

The event, like all others, can be started by clicking on a giant floating information terminal in the intersections of the outer rings of the Empire and Republic fleets.

Swoop Rally Event - fleet start-up mission
The Aurebesh the symbols are random names on what appears to be a dashboard, based on the numbers starting with “one” at the top left.

Like I said now, conversations are buggy, incomplete, and there’s a high risk that you’ll get stuck on what appears to be a closed loop of dialogue choices.

The dialogues are all in the “KOTOR Classic style” which means that your character is not speaking their lines and the camera is still behind your back. Sad, but understandable given the rough times BioWare and all the other game developers are going through right now, when all the developers are working from home and things are going much slower and harder.

Once you hear the announcement about the fleet, you are sent to Dantooine, where you can talk to a few NPCs. The first is the main mission.

After that, you will be able to talk to representatives of each of the three new factions. They will each give you three available daily missions.

Each mission for each faction requires you to complete a race. However, each of the racing gangs has different requirements for you throughout the race.

It’s not just about going from start to finish, no. The most important part of every mission is completing all the objectives.

“You will be riding a swoop bike trying to achieve goals suited to the interests of each of the gangs, such as completing the track as quickly as possible or trying to blow things up! Completing these missions earns you a reputation and rewards unique to each swoop gang “- like BioWare’s announcement States.

Below is a brief description of each faction and what they ask of you if you take on their daily mission.

The Blatant Beks require you to use the abilities of your speeder bike to complete a number of challenges like destroying the targets they have placed on the sides of the track or detonating fireworks from a distance as you pass them. .

Blatant Beks Swoop Rally Gang

The Horizon’s Razors gang is all about speed. As you ride the tracks on the gang’s bikes, your goals will be to use speed boosts along the track and collect Turbo Orbs to charge your bike. The trick is to remember where the Nova Blades left bombs and to avoid them.

Horizon Razors Swoop Rally Gang
Razor's Swoop Bike

Pit Screamers are all about fame and glory if you judge them by the goals they assign to you if you select their mission for the tracks – wow fans, weave through hoops (metal rings) and do the big jumps along the route.

Pit Screamers Swoop Rally Gang

By completing the objectives, you will get the mission rewards. A bonus mission is available for all dailies, as well as an additional incentive to walk the trail and complete all objectives before the time runs out. Again, it’s the gang’s goals that determine whether you pass or fail the race, not the timer or bonus mission.

Once you’ve completed a trail for a certain gang, you can’t repeat it until the next day – it’s a daily mission, after all.

When you ride a bike for each of the gangs, take a look at the new abilities available for that bike. The first is always a speed boost. The second is always a tough break. The third and fourth vary depending on the bike and the gang it belongs to.

To play the role of a superstar racer, you must master the use of these abilities. One trick that can help you is to set keyboard shortcuts for turning left and right. If you’re like me, you would have replaced the default “A” for left strafing and “D” for right strapping. You can still navigate through the tracks with the mouse too.

Event speeders move on their own, unlike conventional speeders you usually ride in SWTOR. These are also unique mounts, only available for race tracks. You can’t bring them to the fleet … unless someone finds a way to exploit this :)))

Let’s not forget the Weekly! Of course there are weklies and quite a few of them too!

Weekly Swoop Rally Missions

Every day and week you reward XP / Fame, Credits, Reputation Token, and Unique Faction Reputation Token.

Keep in mind that these rewards and XP and credit values ​​can be adjusted for the live version of the event. The images above are taken from PTS and are not final.

Reputation sellers are not yet ready and all the rewards and items that you can redeem for the new tokens will be added to the PTS later.

You can only choose a maximum of three Daily Missions at a time, and you cannot have a mission from two or three different factions on the same planet.

The layout of the race tracks is the same, but the objectives change depending on the mission of the faction you currently have active.

Below I have a short video demo of the Dantooine track completed with the Pit Screamers faction / gang objectives and speeder. Check it out!

Another new feature that BioWare is adding to SWTOR with update 6.1.2 (probably it might not be available if it’s not completed by then I guess).

The so-called “Welcome Window” is currently not over, but it’s easy to see what the idea behind it is: to promote the featured cartel market item… * cough *. I don’t know myself if I am kidding about it or if I really mean it.

When it opens, you can see the following three highlighted items from top to bottom:

  • Your next critical path assignment or generic activity search
  • Your character’s current conquest and personal goal
  • A featured item in the SWTOR In-Game Cartel Marketplace

In the meantime, check out my guide on how to download SWTOR PTS. Test out the new Swoop racing tracks and enjoy the content as it is developed right before your eyes!

BioWare is also asking for comments. If you go to PTS and test the tracks, be sure to share your comments. You can do this either here as a comment or on the game site. forum. Here’s the information developers are looking for in terms of feedback on the event and its content:

  • Were the missions fun?
  • Were the missions the right length (neither too long nor too short)?
  • Were the objectives of each mission clear?
  • Which gang mission did you enjoy the most? The least?
  • Did each gang’s goals make the course a little different?
  • Was it easy for you to stay on the course?
  • Did you understand the capabilities of cycling?
  • Did the speed of the bike make you feel good?
  • What did you like the most? What didn’t you like?

Update 6.1.2 is expected to launch in June and won’t disappoint with comprehensive coverage of all the new features, changes, and gameplay elements you need to know!

I will have a complete and in-depth guide for you on the SWTOR Swoop Racing event when it launches or when it is fully developed and accessible on PTS. Right now there are too many missing elements and things that can be changed for a guide to be useful to you.


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