Plans for a new race track in Cockermouth supported by locals


Readers of The Times and The Star are supporting the construction of a new racetrack in the Cockermouth area.

The track has been approved for construction on the Dovenby Hall estate in Cockermouth which may be affected by council conditions.

Johnathon Bragg said: “Go for it! Good progress for a local business. ”

“It’s good that a local business wants to grow and not close its doors, there isn’t much left now.”

Ryan Loan said: “Get it built and let’s have track days there, it’s a major boost for the area and there’s nothing here.”

David Ewin said: “It will be a great setup, especially if they set up a loose section suitable for rally cross.”

Martin Sowerby said: “It should be a bigger track to encourage touring cars and more motorsport in general in the area.”

Support has been plentiful from the locals as they feel it will be a big boost to the local economy and hope it will attract more people to the area.

M-Sport, the owners of the race track, have decided to submit an application to the Allerdale Council.

With this, they hope to be able to open the track without any of the current conditions in place.

These conditions would include the construction of a pedestrian refuge island at the junction of the 594 and the C2038 as well as two bus stops on request.

Planning for the construction of the race track has been in place since last year, but due to restrictions in place due to the coronavirus, it has taken longer than expected.

Decisions will be made this week.


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