Plymouth Speedway hosts a racing event; no fans allowed in the stands


Plymouth Speedway hosted the Cabin Fever event on Saturday; except that this year fans were not allowed in the stands because of the coronavirus.

About 150 runners from across the Midwest came out.

“These are local enthusiasts who love to do this. They have a passion for it … are going to have changes here tonight … great streets, thunder cars … microphones … and then we have what we call the four cylinder … front wheel drive cars too, ”said Plymouth Speedway owner Irish Saunders.

Runners, like Frank Marshall, work on their craft all year round.

“It can definitely take your breath away. You get two or three cars side by side. It’s exhilarating,” Marshall said.

“We have some of the best racing tracks and they’ve worked hours and hours and hours putting their cars together to come here and maybe run 30-40 laps on a Saturday night with their family and friends,” he said. Saunders said. .

The event was supposed to take place last month, but due to the virus it was postponed.

On Wednesday, Governor Eric Holcomb gave his “OK” to the opening of the race tracks.

“I’m just glad something’s moving again, rolling here in the state,” Marshall said.

“The racing industry is a huge, huge industry with Hoosier Racing Tire being here in Marshall County,” Saunders said.

At the last check, it is still unclear whether the big race on Saturday was delayed due to the weather.


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