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The rally world is filled with epic stories, legendary characters, and masterful machines that have powered it all. From the debut of the World Rally Championship and the futuristic Lancia Stratos to the dominance of Loeb and Ogier, the sport has amassed a feverish following. The stories of the meanders and curves of these inhospitable roads are numerous and have rightly been turned into books for our pleasure.

We checked Amazon for some of the best rally books for this list. Whether you’re a fan of Group B in the Wild West or a fan of today’s WRC cars, we think you’ll find a story to read.

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1973-1984: Everything about the WRC

This book delves into the origins of the WRC during arguably its most entertaining period. With characters like Stig Blomqvist and cars like the Audi Quattro, there’s a lot of danger and excitement to be found.

RS200 – Ford’s Group B Rally Legend

Ford’s RS200 saw its career cut short too soon with the dismantling of Group B in 1987. What was surely one of the craziest cars in the lineup has left us all wondering what could have been. This hardcover takes a look at the development and fleeting success of Ford’s golden child in rallying.

Subaru Impreza WRC rally car

It’s a great choice for any Subaru fan. Rather than being a workshop manual as the title suggests, it’s more of a historical look at Subaru’s rally days – and it’s still very fascinating. Names like Colin McRae and 22B pop off the pages, as you journey through Subaru’s glory days in the mud.

The Great British Rally: RAC at the GB Rally – The Complete History

The history of racing is deeply rooted in Great Britain, and rallying has made a major contribution to it. Flying over the hills of England and the brutal tracks of Wales, the cars have been testing their speed and durability there since 1932. Since then it has become a WRC spectacle, which is fully covered in this book.

See the invisible: Volume 1

As you may know, rally drivers drive blind. The only reason they can stay the course is their co-pilot, who reads the rhythm notes to paint a picture of what to expect. Giving precise rhythm notes is essential to success, as author David Nafría notes. Volume 1 covers the intensity of the turns and the length of the corner, and is the first of five books in the series.

Race and Rally Car Source Book: The Guide to Building or Modifying a Competition Car

Perhaps you have become so fascinated with rally racing that you want to create your own. Well make sure you get a copy of this. This source book contains detailed advice on building or modifying competition cars, as well as technical advice on powertrain and suspension components. It will look really nice next to your toolbox.

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