Saratoga Circuit 2021: Saratoga Bankroll Beatdown


Tim Wilkin and Anthony Affunti each received a legendary $ 2,000 to spend as they see fit during the Saratoga season.

Otis is back in town. For a few days anyway. There had been no fanfare. No ticker-tape parade. The Skidmore Marching Band (does Skidmore have a Marching Band? If they do, they weren’t on Broadway when the Blue Baloo appeared). Otis had a great new look with his new haircut. Looked like a cross between Travis Bickle and Mo Howard. Floppy disk on top and buzz cut everywhere else. It sounds downright scary. Otis was hoping to see his two Pleasant Valley groupie dolls, but they didn’t make the trip north. I think they were confused when Herbie’s name was changed to Otis and they decided to stay away. Most likely scared. I heard they made him Mallo Cup pie. Otis was seen near the paddock, on his cell phone, talking non-stop to the mysterious Leopold, who was in an undisclosed location in the lower state. He gave his choices to Otis in a secret code that Leopold developed during a trip to the Far East. Otis didn’t seem to understand a word of it, so his choices could be messy on Sunday. The mysterious Leopold is working on a new code for next week. Otis will have to take a crash course to figure this out. Otis, my man!

For today, 40 $ win Megatap (3rd); $ 40 to win Drain the Clock (9th), $ 10 exactly one box with Jackie’s Warrior. I don’t know what the weather will bring. We cross fingers.

Total stakes: $ 100.

Saturday’s results: I had a good feeling for Weyburn in the Jim Dandy. He was vying in the stretch but passed out. $ 50 in gain and $ 20 in space disappeared with him. I got $ 10 back when HP Moon was a late scratch in the first. Was second in the first game as well as the second so our other double failed. Hard training is not a fourth factor.

Losses: $ 100

Finance: $ 1,421

Antoine Affrunti

Finally arrived in town on Saturday morning, and was immediately overtaken by all the gossip. Apparently I didn’t miss a thing. All that has changed is that I am no longer called Herbie by Wilkin. My name is now Otis. Why? I do not care. The other thing that’s very different from the past is that Wilkin always thought he was a TV personality. This year it seems like the others are treating him like he is. I don’t know how it happened. Or why. I must have missed something. He strutted around the box with his work bags like he was Clint Eastwood. He was filmed the entire trip until he reached his office, where he dropped his bags and was immediately given a belt by Skip “Hey Buddy” Dickstein because our boyfriend left his house. without one to hold his pants. Skip’s closet is belt-short now, but luckily Wilkin hasn’t been arrested for indecent exposure. It was bad enough that he was wearing two golf shirts. It must be some kind of new fashion trend in the local mountains here. Each of his movements continued to be filmed for what I was told to be an upcoming story. It might be a remake of “Grumpy Old Men,” but the only good thing is that it’s digital, and there won’t be any wasted film on this menace.

For today, throw in $ 20 to win and place yourself on Megatap (3rd) and $ 20 to win on Sun Summers (6th).

Total bets: $ 60

Saturday’s results: Finished second and third in Game 1 which canceled our pick 3 right off the bat. It seems to be a trend lately. That killed $ 36, and then we came back in the eighth and tried to get our favorite Whitmore first or second, and instead he finished third, and there were our win and win bets. $ 20 place.

Losses: $ 76

Finance: $ 1,681.10

Feature of the day: Grade II, $ 200,000 Amsterdam, 3 years old, 61/2 stages
Morning crush: Clear the clock, 2-1
Forecast: Scattered thunderstorms, maximum 73 degrees. Rainrisk: 90%
Saturday’s recap
Presence: 36 840
Nowadays: 309, 566
Handle on track: $ 5,641,024
Feature winner, odds: Essential quality, 2-5
Paid: $ 2.80, $ 2.10, excluding

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