Update: QC Times Columnist Jim Victor Dies in Race Track Incident | Local News


“If there was a need, he would meet it,” said Ven Horst.

Dougal Nelson, the current President and CEO of Junior Achievement of the Heartland, said that when Victor spoke to the students of Junior Achievement, “he wanted to open the eyes of students to all the endless opportunities the system offers. of free enterprise.

“He believed that all students should experience Junior Achievement,” Nelson said.

“His passion, however, was for children,” Nelson added. “He wanted them to learn. He really believed that children needed an education in economics. With knowledge of financial literacy and economics, they stand a better chance.

Victor was also instrumental in raising funds for the Folwell Education Center for Junior Achievement of the Heartland, as well as developing the concept of BizTown, which gives students the opportunity to run their own business and learn what it takes to be successful.

“We were the third Junior Achievement in the country to have a BizTown town, and I believe there are 30 or 40 today,” said Nelson.

In 1997, Victor received the Gold Leadership Award from Junior Achievement USA. “It’s the highest award they give and they don’t give it to just anyone,” Nelson said.

Victor also helped establish and fund the Free Enterprise Foundation, which ensures the long-term viability of Junior Achievement. “This foundation will ensure that JA will be there for many years to come and Jim has a lot to do with it,” said Nelson.


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