Vehicle smashes into wall as streets of Bridgnorth are ‘treated like a racetrack’


Marguerite Elcock at the scene of the crash

Residents described their distress in recent incidents, one of which happened on Saturday night and left debris, including a bumper and part of a license plate strewn on the sidewalk at the top of Hollybush Road.

The crash, believed to have been caused by a white van around 11 p.m., happened when a driver lost control of his vehicle and drove through the wall past Rose Lane, near the roundabout joining Listley Street, St Mary’s Street and the B4373.

Bricks and mortar fell on the property of retired resident Paul Lewis, 76, who said if the culprit had crashed “a few feet below” he would have driven off a cliff.

The damage left after a vehicle hits the wall

Mr Lewis, who moved to Bridgnorth in 1984, said: “I live here alone; it is a painful incident but we had quite a few problems with speeding late at night, especially on weekends .

“If they had crashed a few feet away they would have dived through the wall and over a sandstone cliff in my neighbors’ garden and would have been killed.

“The wall must be 170 years old, in a conservation area, and the last time it suffered damage was from a German bomb in 1940 – about 10 feet was destroyed.

“Someone saw a white van coming out of Listley Street, missing the curb and speeding across the road before knocking down the wall – then it must have pulled back and accelerated.”

The bumper and part of the vehicle’s license plate were left after the incident

Mr Lewis added he had received “great support” from friends and neighbors, who cleared the bricks and made sure the area was safe for him.

Marguerite Elcock, 53, a former crown attorney, has lived in the city for 30 years and said she expected police to do more.

“I’m sure if this had happened in Shrewsbury the police would have been more proactive,” she said.

“Following the intervention of Councilor Julia Buckley, a community support agent will look into the video surveillance of the city center.

The damage left after a vehicle hits the wall

“It could be theft, reckless driving, an incident of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – who knows – but it was only after pushing a city councilor that the police became interested. .

“As a resident of Bridgnorth for 30 years, I can honestly say that I feel like Bridgnorth is receiving second rate service from the West Mercia Police.”

A spokesperson for Bridgnorth Police said: “PCSOs Mandy Leek and Steve Breese are conducting CCTV investigations after extensive damage was caused to the wall of a property not far from the mini-roundabout opposite the Listley Street junction on Hollybush Road. “

Anyone with information should contact the police on 101 or send an email to [email protected] and quote the incident reference number 00337_i of June 20.


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