Wicked Video Mashup shows what rally racing would look like if the cars were launched together


If there’s one problem with rallying as a spectacle sport, it’s that you can go minutes without seeing a car. Of course, that means more opportunities to socialize with your fellow racing fans, but not everyone has the patience (or enough iced tea) to put up with the gaps between flyovers. It’s probably fair to say that despite the associated danger, almost any rally fan would love to see a stage start with every car launched at exactly the same time, and we can get a glimpse of what that would look like from this. killer video. to crush.

Filmmaker Balazs Toth (@rallyminutes on Instagram) set up a camera inside a corner during last year’s New England Forest Rally – the same event where Ken Block’s Ford Escort Cosworth burned to death in 2018 – to record overflights of several cars. He then used DaVinci Resolve to stitch together the short shots of a few seconds to create the fantastic looping film embedded below, which took more effort to produce than most people imagine.

“The process of creating these videos [is] pretty simple but tedious, ”Toth said The reader. “It hides and adjusts frame by frame, removing RBG channels where it’s not needed. It takes me about an hour to add each car. The video you [see] took about eight hours to do.

Toth says he hopes the move from Sony Vegas Pro 16 to its new software “will dramatically streamline the process,” although complex productions like this will likely still require huge time investments to get executed. As smart as the editing software is, there must always be a human in the pipeline to make sure the finished product looks good, a statement as eerily true of film production as it is of driving.


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