Words of wisdom offered to hopeful competitors as the legendary terrier racing event returns to Moy Country Fair, which is ditching its former name of Highland Field Sports Fair

Celia Mackintosh and Rosie.

The Moy Country Fair is about to host its legendary terrier racing event.

The event offers hilarity, competitiveness, speed and physical strength, and is not to be missed.

Moy Country Fair host Celia Mackintosh has paid particular attention to the terrier event over the years and has attended on several occasions.

She said: “My dog ​​Robbie loved it. He came into the finals one year but it was never about winning. It was so much fun and you never really know what’s going to happen.

“It’s really exciting. At the start, all the dogs are barking and the anticipation builds. It’s the last event each day, so there’s always a big crowd of spectators.

When Robbie died aged 17 in 2009, Celia donated a special quaich to present to the overall winner of the burrow racing event in his memory.

With her hands-on experience, Ms. Mackintosh has words of wisdom to all hopeful contestants.

“One of the things owners have to do in a race is get your dog to the start line and then you have to run to the finish line to greet them at the end,” he said. she declared.

“You have to get there very quickly, which is a lot of fun. If you don’t want to be so forceful, my advice is to have someone with you, so you have one person at the start and another at the end.

It will be the first time the fair has been held since 2019, and this year is dropping its former name of Highland Field Sports Fair.

This year’s schedule, August 5-6, is packed and more diverse than ever, officials say.

Traditional main ring activities and exhibits return, from bird of prey displays to hunting and fishing dog displays.

The Fair will also offer a range of activities for children.

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